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to M.F.D.H.A.

For Families

We help connect families with Family Childcare Providers in our community. Check out our Provider Referrals page to find a Childcare Provider for your child.

        For Providers

We provide support to Family Childcare Providers to build exceptional quality early education programs. Contact us on our Parent and Provider Contact page for more info.

           Our Goals

Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of a quality early education for young children.

About Us

We are a group of licensed Family Childcare home Providers in the Moore and South Oklahoma City metro areas.

Family Childcare Providers are independent, self-employed business owners who assume one of society’s most important responsibilities – the care and education of our youngest children. They and their homes are licensed and monitored by Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services. Each family child care home reflects the values, unique style and professionalism of the provider as well as the needs of the families served. Thank you for visiting!

Developmentally Appropriate

Family child care embodies the very components of high quality early care and education for young children – a stable long term relationship with the same provider in the comfort of a home environment and in small groups where each child’s needs can be best met. Research from a range of disciplines demonstrates that the first experiences in life play a critical role in a child’s ability to grow up healthy and ready to learn. Family Childcare Providers are keenly aware of the profound impact they have on the children in their care.

School Preparation

Because Family Childcare Providers care for children from the first few weeks or months of life, they have profound and far-reaching effects on the children’s development and their ability to succeed in school. This nurturing and interactive relationship is essential to a child’s fundamental building blocks. Many family child care providers incorporate school readiness curricula in their programs, specifically tailored to each child’s interests and potential.



Quality care is expensive, especially with the low adult to child ratio in family child care, but the early years are too important to cut corners. Providers invest all they can in their programs while being sensitive to what parents can afford. Despite these challenges, family child care remains a very cost effective child care option.